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A4 Aircraft vintage (all scales) The kit used should be made of plastic, and should date back to the early years of scale modeling. The production date of the kit can range from anywhere up to 1979. Some examples are kits from Airfix, Faller, Revell, Lindberg, Matchbox. etc. There are three rules for this category: In addition to the in progress pictures, we need pictures of the kit packaging and a scan of the instruction manual to verify the production year of the kit. Alternatively you can also take picture of the production year on the sprue, if existing. These kits have to be built "out of the box" any modification (see exceptions below) are not allowed. Any doors, hatches, flaps can only be opened up, if the instruction manual gives that option. Aftermarket products of any kind are not allowed. Exception:  Handmade seatbelts, antennas and brake lines are allowed. Old kit, old decals?  If the original decals are damaged due to their age, it's okay to use anything else that fits to the model. Category A4 will be evaluated as follows: General impression Techniques applied painting and execution The judges reserve the right to merge models built with more details than described above to category A1, A2 or A3. Only the model will be evaluated. Any additions, like a base of any kind or any backdrops/backgrounds used when photographing the model, will have no effect on the evaluation.
Model: Boeing P-12 E Scale: 1/72 Club/SIG/IG: Modellbaufreunde Modeler: Roger Lustenberger Country: Switzerland Date: 2015/09/19
Model: Heinkel He-115B Scale: 1/72 Club/SIG/IG: Modellbaufreunde Modeler: Marco Zollinger Country: Switzerland Date: 2015/11/22
Model: Bell X-5 Scale: 1/40 Club/SIG/IG: Modellschmiede Roth Modeler: Oliver Rössler Country: Deutschland Date: 2015/12/19
Model: Ki 61 Hien (Tony) Scale: 1/50 Club/SIG/IG: Modellbaufreunde Modeler: Claudio Rieder Country: Switzerland Date: 2015/12/21
Model: Hawker Tempest Scale: 1/72 Club/SIG/IG: 1. Plastikmodellbauclub Nürnberg Modeler: Erwin Besold Country: Germany Date: 2016/02/07