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KIT Checker - Model Reviews from Austria.
originalundmodell.de from Germany.
Helmut & Stefan Fraundorfer, two brothers native to the upper Austrian Mühlviertel, have been committed o the beautiful hobby of scale modeling for several years now. The two of them are the owners of the website www.kitchecker.de, a website dedicated to reviews about anything and everything that has to do with scale modeling. Of course they also present the models they built themselves on the same website. Pictorials about their visits to different scale model shows, museums or other events like airshows, is also something you can find on their website. Stefan was born in 1969 has two grown up daugthers and works as a customer consultant in a bank. The first model he ever built was at the age of 11 and it was a P-51 Mustang from Revell, assembled with regular craft glue. Back then you could purchase these kits in the local convenient store but there was no internet to communicate with other model builders or to collect information about the hobby. Both of these things are hard to imagine these days. Nevertheless he caught the dreaded modeling virus right away, building that Mustang. After a couple of years, when raising children and building a home were the priorities, he quickly got back into the hobby very seriously again. His main area of interest is aircraft models, especially the colorful planes and jets of the different aerobatic teams. Helmut was born in 1979 and is almost 10 years younger to the day, than his brother Stefan. He is married to a girl from Texas and is the father of two boys at the age of 9 and 6. He already shows them the basics of scale modeling and is making sure that this beautiful hobby of ours isn’t going to die off. After successfully graduating job school as a furniture maker, he now works as an IT technician for a big Swedish furniture company. Until the fall of 2015 he will be busy with a big project – building his and his family’s home. After that’s finished he will have his very own hobby room and he will have more time again for his specialty - super detailing scale models. His fascination for scale modeling started with visiting the scale model fair in Ried and hasn’t ceased since. Have fun, and good luck with the Wings Wheels & Tracks contest, from the „brothers in scale“ Helmut and Stefan.
Thomas Schneider, born 1969 in the lovely Franconia, is fascinated from his earliest days on creating by everything noise and stink when flying through the air. Going to school he sold homeworks and break bread to finance his first airplane kits. He preferred to build kits of Matchbox, Revell and AIRFIX in the cheap scale of 1:72 of course. These kits were starters and you really could not yet speak of model construction. It simply was gluing together a lot of unpainted parts. After a relative long halt caused by his job training he restarted with a Badger airbrush received as a gift. Slowly but steady the experience grew simultaneously recycling most of his old models. He made his break through  via contacts to professional modellers which changed everything. Now became obvious what still was to learn and what was possible in the world of modelling. Exhibitions in this time especially “The German Model Masters” in Nürnberg took care for the remaining. Since 2009 visits to exhibitions and competitions at home and abroad are regular. Thomas Schneider wishes you all good luck and much more fun with your great hobby. Konrad Schmittlein Konrad was born in 1954 in the lowlands of Bavaria and started building i.e. gluing plastic parts together with everything what was handy to replicate airplanes. As far as he can remember he only was interested in airplanes of every kind. By the advice of the father of a friend he learned to use plastic cement and the application of Humbrol enamels. With 14 his father permitted to subscribe to the Airfix Magazine to improve his English. This step opened a completely new world to Konrad and he realized that modelling was not a boys game but a serious hobby. The next major step came with the first airbrush and home-built compressor in 1975. He became IPMS member and by visiting exhibitions and airshows at home and abroad he finally became an author for several modelling magazines. After retirement and over 50 years of modelling and still having fun Mr. Schneider persuaded him to contribute to his modelling-site “Original und Modell”. Konrad wishes you all getting the utmost fun out of your modelling activities.
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