2016 2015 Wings, Wheels & Tracks
In order to participate, all you have to do is register your project online with the respective category, prior to building. You will receive a confirmation email from us, with the participants ticket for the category you chose, attached to it. Any changes to the categories can be reported to us by Email until February 29th 2016. Registration deadline is February 29th 2016! Please note that we cannot accept any submissions past that date. The model or diorama has to be built by one or more members of the club or interest group you registered with. Die cast models, pre fabricated or already finished models are not allowed. The promotion of the scale modeling hobby is our main goal! This is why we also accept newly founded communities, which formed because of this contest. To qualify as a club we require a minimum of three members with a respective title for the club and valid contact details.
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