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Soviet 6x6 multi-purpose truck ZIL-131 KshM - Yugoslav Army
Construction Phase
My SMT entry is a Revell (ICM) model of the Soviet 6x6 multi-purpose truck ZIL-131. Although the ICM model released version KshM, I decided to a lot of scratchbuild. With a lot of details I reached the general appearance of the model and therefore closer to the real look of the vehicle. For the engine and the chassis, I added some additional details, followed by weathering. The chassis is painted with Vallejo rust color as a base for the next step. The salt technique. From aluminum sheet I made a ventilator fan, just as the clutch pedal, brake and gas. For more realism in detailling, I decided to create air brake cylinders. After that the chassis was almost finished and were painted with black color. Placed on wheels, cabin is almost finished, I made few details on the bonnet and some electrical components on the firewall. Continue work on the deck of the workshop, I made the wings, and then I set about interior design. First I made workbenches, followed by grinding- and turning machine, which will require further detailing. A spare wheel holder with a mechanism for launching and lifting the stove for heating in the winter and a couple of workshop equipment were also built.