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B3 - Military Dioramas All scales permitted. The project registered with this category should portray a certain scene or event. There is no limitation to the number of figures or models on the actual diorama, use as many as you like. It will all be evaluated as a whole. Category B3 will be evaluated as follows: General impression Techniques applied Detailing painting and execution Idea and arrangement.
Model: Panzerfabrik Scale: 1/72 Club/SIG/IG: IPMS Austria Modeler: Raimund Epler Country: Austria Date: 2015/10/15
Model: Charkov Factory Scale: 1/35 Club/SIG/IG: Modelbouw Leuven Modeler: Andreas De Coster Country: Belgium Date: 2016/01/05
Model: AMR CItroen Kegresse P28   Scale: 1/72 Club/SIG/IG: IPMS Austria Modeler: Maximilian Frömter Country: Austria Date: 2016/03/22