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A3 Aircraft super detailed. (all scales) The kit used should be made of plastic, resin, vacu, multimedia, etc. Any aftermarket product can be used (Photo etch, resin, fabric...) Entirely scratch built models, are excluded from this category. Kit bashing is allowed. Super detailed says it all, the more hatches you open, the more details of the aircraft you show, the better. Category A3 will be evaluated as follows: General impression Techniques applied Detailing painting and execution Idea Only the model will be evaluated. Any additions, like a base of any kind or any backdrops/backgrounds used when photographing the model, will have no effect on the evaluation.
Model: P-47D Thunderbolt "Bubbletop" Scale: 1/48 Club/SIG/IG: IPMS Nymburk Modeler: Libor Maly Country: Czech Republic Date: 2015/09/13