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In the following description all scale modeling organizations or communities will be denominated "Club". § 1. Registration In order to participate, all you have to do is register your project online with the respective category, prior to building. The registration form can be found at www.scalemodeltrophy.eu\registrationform\ You will receive a confirmation email from us, with the participants ticket for the category you chose, attached to it. Any changes to the categories can be reported to us by Email until February 2nd 2016. Registration deadline is February 29th 2016! Please not that we cannot accept any submissions past that date. § 2. Time period The time period for the contest is 12 months, starting April 1st 2015 and ending March 31st 2016. All participants must submit their registered projects until midnight of march 31st 2016 by email. § 3. Permitted models The model or diorama has to be built by one or more members of the club you registered with. Die cast models, pre fabricated or already finished models are not allowed. The contest hosts reserve the right to deny entry to models/dioramas that may be offensive. § 4. Categories A1: Aircraft 1:48 and bigger. Permitted scales are: 1:48, 1:35, 1:32, 1:24 A2: Aircraft 1:72 and smaller. Permitted scales are: 1:72, 1:87, 1:100, 1:144 A3: Aircraft super-detailed. All scales are permitted A4: Aircraft Vintage. All scales are permitted A5: Aircraft dioramas. All scales are permitted B1: Military wheels and tracks. Permitted scales are 1:35, 1:48 B2: Military wheels and tracks. Permitted scales are 1:72 and smaller B3: Military dioramas. All scales are permitted C1:  Civil vehicles. All scales are permitted C2:  Civil vehicles - dioramas. All scales are permitted § 4.1. Special prizes: Schneider Trophy - Special prize from originalundmodell.de for the best submission of a sea plane/amphibious plane. Kitchecker Trophy - Special prize for the most original idea in the Categories A5, B3 or C2 (Dioramas) AK Interactive Trophy - Special prize for the best model weathering AIMS Trophy - Special prize for the best submission of a twin engine aircraft § 4.2. Milestone:   A raffle for high end prizes from our sponsors. All finished projects submitted until (see below) will participate in the raffle, independent of the category it was submitted for. The winner will be established by drawing his/her name among all valid submissions. September 30th 2015 - a raffle for a high end prize from our sponsor Special Hobby December 24th 2015 - a raffle for a high end prize from our sponsor Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush § 5. Multiple submissions: There is no limitation to the number of submitted models/dioramas. Every club may enter as many as they can build in the given timeframe. § 6. Chances of winning: Every Club is eligible to win multiple prizes in each Category, as long as their submissions are voted among the first three places by the jury. § 7. Conditions of participation: All participating Models/Dioramas have to be submitted with photographs, which should at least have a resolution of 1600px. The use of watermarked or copyrighted photos is not allowed. In order to evaluate the models/dioramas properly we need: 10 or more work in progress pictures. These pictures need to "document" the building progress and the filled out participants ticket must be clearly visible! 10 or more photos of the finished model/diorama. A short description of the kits/materials used. A detailed description is welcome but is not a requirement. Modelers whose first language is not German, please submit your description in English. Also submit your Club's or a contact person's postal address. § 7.1. Submission: Please send your submissions to entry@scalemodeltrophy.eu Each project entry has to be sent in an individual email. § 8. The Jury: The models are evaluated by judges which will be nominated by the contest hosts. The contest hosts also have the last say with the interpretation of the rules. All decisions are final and can 't be disputed. § 9. Prizes: A maximum of three prizes will be handed out to the three winners of each category. In case there are less than three submissions for a certain category, only the definite winner of this category will receive a prize. The contest hosts reserve the right to hand out a special prize, regardless of the placing of the contestant for any special builds. After the results are posted, the prizes will be shipped to the winners. § 10. Hosts: The Organization of the contest is done by the teams of www.kitchecker.de and originalundmodell.de § 11. Copyright:   By registering and submitting the photos, the respective scale model club/contestant agrees/confirms that the submitted photos including the name of the club and the names of the concerned modelers, as well as their nationality will/can be posted on the contest website, the website of our sponsors, as well as in any printed media. § 12.  Agreement: By registering for the contest and submitting photos for it, the individual contestants agree to the terms and conditions of this contest. § 13. Privacy policy In case your club won a prize, we require the address of the respective club, or the address of a contact person, in order to ship the prize. This information has to be entered into the registration form already. Once the contest is finished all personal data will be deleted from the website! § 14. Newly founded communities: The promotion of the scale modeling hobby is our main goal! This is why we also accept newly founded communities, which formed because of this contest. To qualify as a club we require a minimum of three members with a respective title  for the club and valid contact details. § 15. Miscellaneous: Due to laws in the organizers countries, swastikas and any other symbols of the third Reich will be edited out on the photos. This measure will have absolutely no effect on the evaluation!  We hope for your understanding.